We do not have a trade in program. However you can upgrade portions of your chronograph kits through our spare parts page.

We appreciate your service but unfortunately we do not offer discounts at this time. As a manufacturing retailer we have a non-competing pricing agreement with our dealers.


The accuracy of our chronographs can be expected to be between 99.5% and 99.9%.


Yes, solids should perform about the same as standard copper-jacked rounds. If the round is made out of something that has very low electrical conductivity (like lead) you may have to make the device more sensitive by changing the bullet type setting, but most solids should work with the default settings.

The MagnetoSpeed display unit saves a CSV (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma-separated_values) file which can be opened by most any spreadsheet program or text editor. Download an example of the MagnetoSpeed log file here. If you want to start a new log file, simply use your computer to rename or delete the LOG.CSV file on the micro SD card and a new one will be created. Renaming the file with the date is a good way to keep track of your data.

Yes, the MagnetoSpeed V3 was designed to work with larger barrels and suppressors up to 2 inches in diameter. The Sporter was designed to be used with rifles up to 1" in barrel diameter. If you require a custom lab setup for rail mounted guns please contact us for details on our custom services.

Magnetospeed chronographs can work with both lead and steel projectiles, though the sensitivity may need to be adjust for lead-only rounds. The same applies for shot loads, however we do not recommend use with #7 bird shot and smaller due to a drop in accuracy.

The main difference is that the Sporter can fit on barrels from .5" to 1" in diameter. The V3 can fit on barrels and suppressors from .5" to 2" in diameter. Use this comparison chart to see major and minor differences.

No. The Sporter was not designed for use with a suppressor.

No. The V3 rail adapter can only be used with the V3 bayonet.

No. The tapered spacer kit will only work with the V3 bayonet.

Version 3.0.03 is the lasted update. Here is the link to the latest firmware version: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0150/8926/files/fw.hex?2912640635709343244 Here is the link to the instructional video that shows you how to download the firmware onto the SD card and use the Bootloader program on the V3 display: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyG1PWWsqwg If you have any questions, please contact us.

Please use this link to find a dealer closest to you: https://magnetospeed.com/apps/store-locator/

Yes. All bayonets and displays are compatible with each other.

The error 2 message you are seeing is actually a spacing and sensitivity error. The instructions that you received have been updated and are available on our website. Here is the link: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0150/8926/files/Sporter_Instructions_Rev2_79392387-7865-4ae7-9603-6463da53598f.pdf?11897484851174917067 The only major change is the error messages. Vertical distance or the space between the bullet flight path and the top of the sensor deck needs to be between .125 and .25" One of the two rubber V block pads should get your between that threshold if you barrel is between .5" and 1" in diameter. horizontal spacing (the space between the end of your rifle and the beginning of the flat portion of the sensor deck) needs to be between 1" to 1.5" If you are shooting .30cal and larger; start with a setting of REG (regular). If you are shooting .30cal down to .223, start with REG and then try HI 1. If you are shooting .223 and smaller, start with HI 1, but you will most likely need to use HI 2 for smaller calibers like .22lr. If confirming spacing and sensitivity settings doesn't work, please contact us.

Please read the answer to above question. If you can't get readings after confirming spacing and settings, please contact us.

Please reference the QUICK START guide in your instructions. Make sure that you have the thumbnut at the very bottom of the threads before mounting the bayonet on your barrel.

Yes. All Magnetospeed products come with a 2-year warranty for manufacturer defects. The warranty does not cover lost parts or parts damaged by negligence.


Our grip will work with the AR-10 platform, but currently the miniMAG is only compatible with .223 Rem, 5.56, and 300 Blk caliber rounds.


The T1000’s reflector is made from a flexible urethane rubber that resists damage and “self heals” to a limited degree. Our testing at a public range suggests that a single reflector will likely last for over a thousand target-impacts before it needs to be replaced. Our T1000 kit includes a spare reflector and more can be purchased separately.