The T1000 is a rugged target hit indicator with a weatherproof enclosure and long battery life. It was designed to be mounted to the back side of AR500 steel targets 10 inches in width or greater. While mounted, it is in an always-on state waiting for the next shot. The flexible rubber reflector is designed to withstand many impacts before needing to be replaced. Target preparation for the T1000 is quick and simple and it is also easily transferable to multiple targets using common Industrial hook & loop tape. The T1000 has multiple operating modes to best suit your shooting situation and is easily seen through any optic that is capable of seeing the target at that shooting distance.


  • T1000 Unit (2x lithium AA batteries installed)
  • Spare replacement reflector
  • Spare set of mounting hook & loop straps
  • Aiming tool
  • Full Instructions
  • Quick Start Instructions

MagnetoSpeed T1000 Product Breakdown

MagnetoSpeed T1000 Target Hit Indicator
MagnetoSpeed T1000 Hit Indicator- Confirmed Impact
T1000 Gen 2 App Programming





Product Questions

The T1000’s reflector is made from a flexible urethane rubber that resists damage and “self heals” to a limited degree. Our testing at a public range suggests that a single reflector will likely last for over a thousand target-impacts before it needs to be replaced. Our T1000 kit includes a spare reflector and more can be purchased separately.

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