PLEASE NOTE: The XFR app is currently not working on Android devices. We are working toward a solution and hope to fix this issue soon. Apple/iOS users are not affected and can continue using the app.

The XFR adapter and associated smartphone application allows users with Magnetospeed Sporter or V3 displays to download their current (and archived for V3) shot series to their Android or iOS device. Users can store, view, edit, and email multiple series once they have been transferred to their phone. The app can also be used to reconfigure the display settings (units and sensitivity level), and clear the display's current series. Additional features and improvements are on-going. XFR is NOT compatible with V1 or V2 displays. To use the XFR adapter with your V3 unit, please make sure your firmware is up to date

For Android devices: Visit or search for "MagnetoSpeed" in the PlayStore.

For iOS devices:

For use with V3 displays, please update to the latest firmware version.

As always, we will honor a 30-day money back guarantee.


MagnetoSpeed Downloads

<p>WARNING: Before you start the update, back up any archived data. The upgrade will clear the SD card. Place your cursor over the link, RIGHT CLICK, and select SAVE LINK AS to download directly to your computer. Make sure the file to the firmware is kept as a HEX FILE. Do not change the format to anything else, and make sure it is not a hyperlink. The file name MUST be named fw.hex (lowercase only). Once the file is on your computer, remove the SD card from your V3 display and put it into your computer's SD card slot. Use the larger microSD card adapter (included in the V3 kit) if needed. Copy and paste OR drag the file from your computer to the SD card. Remove the SD card from your computer and re-insert it back into the V3 display. Here is the link to the instructional video that shows you how to start the Bootloader program on the V3 display: Please select slow upgrade, not regular upgrade, when prompted by the display. The update will take about 4-5 minutes. When SUCCESS shows up on the display, follow the prompts on the display to get back to the ready screen. If you have any issues, please email</p> <p>WARNING: Computers/laptops with Windows-based OS are recommended. Mac and Mac products will be difficult to download the file in the correct format.</p>

MagnetoSpeed User Manuals


Product Questions

Yes. All Magnetospeed products come with a 2-year warranty for manufacturer defects. The warranty does not cover lost parts or parts damaged by negligence.

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