Frequently Asked Questions

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30-day money back guarantee: If you do not like the device or it will not suit your intentions just ship it back to us undamaged within 30 days from purchase date and we will refund the device cost to you once inspected for damage and cleared. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

 2-year manufacturer warranty: If the device arrives damaged or becomes inoperable within a 2 year time period due to a manufactures defect, just ship the unit back to us and we will fix the issue or replace the unit at no cost. The buyer will not be charged any additional shipping costs other than that with initial purchase if exchanging/returning a device with manufacturer defects within 2 years of purchase date. If returned device is damaged due to user error, no refund or additional shipping costs will be covered. 

Legal Disclaimer

WARNING: Always consider safety first when using this product. It is the users responsibility to make sure the Bayo sensor deck of the MagnetoSpeed is never in the shotpath of the bullet. Always check for clearance before shooting by looking down the barrel (from the bolt side, if possible) or by using other means (laser sight, etc.) to make sure the bullet does not strike the device.  Make sure the device is secured properly and there is no damage to the device before shooting. Never install the sensor deck on a loaded gun. Always clear the gun and remove the bolt if possible before attempting to secure the MagnetoSpeed Bayo sensor. The installation and/or use of all MagnetoSpeed products is a binding agreement that the purchaser assumes all risks associated with the use of said product, and releases and holds harmless MagnetoSpeed LLC and their affiliates, successors, shareholders, employees and representatives, from and against any liability, disability, death or loss or damage to person or property, whether arising from negligence or otherwise.