T1000A Match Pack "Gen 2"

T1000A Match Pack "Gen 2"

Regular price $1,250.00

Take advantage of  our new improved version of the T1000. You will find an advanced backer with integrated hooks for Velcro, improved filtering for more reliable shot detection and extended battery life. It is also now programmable from your phone for highly customizable settings and even a few game modes! Watch the video above for full details. 

App available for iPhone and Android. 



This kit will include:

(10) T1000 Modules

(5) Spare Reflectors

(5) Spare Sets of Straps

(5) Spare Loopside Velcro

(1) Spare Backer

(1) Spare Set of Rubber End Caps

(1) Set of Instructions

These Match Packs are being offered for a limited time at a discounted price. The Match Packs are intended for range owners and match directors only, and are not for individual re-sale from dealers. The Match Pack will come boxed as one unit, not as 10 individually boxed units.


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