Shooting Accessories

MagnetoSpeed continues to innovate new and exciting tools for the modern marksman. Our newest products are the MagnetoSpeed RifleKuhl and UPOD. Click on the link for more information.


MagnetoSpeed's barrel-mounted ballistic chronographs use patented electromagnetic sensors that are designed to operate in the harsh environment at the muzzle of firearms.

M-Series Grip System

The Magnetospeed M-Series Grip’s internal, module ejection system allows users to store a number of different and useful modules in the grip itself so that they are always ready to deploy at a moment's notice.

Target Hit Indicators

The Magnetospeed T1000 is a target-mounted hit indicator. Designed to “live” on the backside of a steel target, this rugged device uses proprietary light bending optics that bend light around the edge of a steel target towards the shooter.

Tools for the modern marksman.

MonoPOD $89.99
Grip/Drybox $31.99
Rail Adapter $24.99
MiniLIGHT $84.99
Sporter $189
Large Brake Adapter $150
MiniMAG $10.99