How it works

MagnetoSpeed's barrel-mounted ballistic chronographs use patent-pending electromagnetic sensors that are designed to operate in the harsh environment at the muzzle of firearms. Our chronographs shrug off common environmental conditions that bedevil other products, such as too much/little sun, fluorescent lights, nearby shooters' muzzle blasts, high winds or many other unpredictable variables. Using the provided spacers, the shooter adjusts the bayonet so that the bullet will travel just above unit’s sensors. Each sensor produces a voltage that is proportional to the change in its magnetic field. The display unit is able to use these voltages to sense the approach of the bullet and accurately determine the time the bullet was directly over each sensor. Because the distance between the two sensors is precisely calibrated,+/-.005 of an inch, the time of flight between the sensors gives a very accurate velocity of the projectile.



V3 Barrel-mounted Ballistic Chronograph

The V3 is MagnetoSpeed’s top of the line barrel mounted ballistic chronograph. Our kit comes with everything you need to easily obtain accurate muzzle velocity readings on almost any weapon. You will find the MagnetoSpeed V3 as the go to chronograph for precisions shooters, reloaders, and military units worldwide.

Sporter Chronograph

The MagnetoSpeed Sporter provides you with the same ground breaking electromagnetic technology and accuracy as the V3 but at half the price. We trimmed down to the core operating features to be able to offer a more budget friendly alternative for the basic rifle shooter.


Large Brake Adapter

The LBA will allow the V3 to be used with muzzle brakes up to 7.7” in length and barrel diameters up to 1.6” at the muzzle. This adapter is typically only needed to compensate for very large muzzle brakes found on calibers .338 and above.

Rail Adapter

This adapter will allow the V3 to be used on most pistols and short-barreled rifles that have a Picatinny style rail.


The XFR device allows communication between your MagnetoSpeed display and your smartphone. This facilitates changing of settings, saving and naming shots, and texting or emailing shot data. For use with V3 and Sporter only.

Tapered Spacers

This set of spacers allows the V3 to be better aligned with barrels with an extreme taper.


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