MagnetoSpeed's barrel-mounted ballistic chronographs use patent-pending electromagnetic sensors that are designed to operate in the harsh environment at the muzzle of firearms

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The MagnetoSpeed Sporter chronograph kit was designed to be used on barrels from 1/2 inch up to 1 inch in diameter. In can also accommodate muzzle brakes, flash hiders, etc, up to 2.7 inches in length. Ideal for contoured rifle barrels (sporter barrels) and long-barreled revolvers.

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The MagnetoSpeed V3 ballistic chronograph kit was designed to be used on barrels and suppressors from 1/2 inch all the way up to 2 inches in diameter. In addition to the larger diameter tolerance, the V3 also has one inch more clearance in the blast zone to account for longer (up to 3" in most cases) muzzle brakes, flash hiders, etc.

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We offer assorted accessories to help adapt the MagnetoSpeed chronograph to your different shooting needs.

M-Series Grip

The Magnetospeed M-Series Grip’s internal, module ejection system allows users to store a number of different and useful modules in the grip itself so that they are always ready to deploy at a moment's notice


The M-Series DryBOX module fits flush inside M-Series Grip. The water-tight seal allows users to store many items within their grip cavity without worrying about water getting in. Store extra ammo, matches, fishing line, hooks, and other survival items. Keep extra earplugs, gun parts, or gun lube packets ready for when you need them the most.

grip mag

The M-Series MiniMAG module is a fully functional 3-round magazine for the AR-15 that stores completely inside the M-Series Grip. The compact design allows the entire magazine body to be loaded into a standard AR-15 lower receiver and ejected with ease. Keep some specialty rounds stored in your grip and ready for hunting or home defense. Ideal for areas with ammunition restrictions or where a longer magazine sticking out from the magwell is inconvenient. Compatible ammunition types include 223Rem, 5.56NATO, and 300BLK.

The M-Series MiniTORCH module packs a big punch in a small package with a superbright white LED that can be run at different brightnesses along with a strobe mode. Also onboard are two small red LED’s for keeping your night vision while heading to the blind in the dark or digging around in your gun bag. An integrated neodymium magnet allows the flashlight to be easily securely mounted to the included pic rail adapter or hat clip in seconds. Use the magnet to lock onto any ferromagnetic material like truck beds or car doors, the mounting possibilities are almost limitless.


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